Hungary, Hypocrisy and History

I cannot understand them. Hungarian officials, and police that is. Really, I cant get into their heads. Nor, I suspect, would I want to. I’d vomit.

Yesterday we saw the ramping up of the shameful behaviour. Teargassing and watercannoning refugees, batoning and beating parents in front of or holding their children. What sort of creature, for they are not people in the fully developed sense,  does that? How can the border guard who wallops a parent with a child then go home and sleep soundly? How can the police commander who orders the gassing of a crowd of desperate people turn around and play with their own children? I wont even talk of the political leaders – the longer I live the more convinced I am of two things – that most all elected politicians are socio or psychopathically and that those that most seek power are those that we should do all to keep from power.

This is not the Europe I want. The ghastly Orban conflates himself with Jan Hunyadi and declares that he is defending Christendom. Well Victor, two things. Three. First, its not the fifteenth century despite your methods of policing. Second, these are not an army of Janissaries and bashi-bazouks intent on conquering but rather desperate people fleeing desperate situations. Third, I don’t recall Jesus saying “yea, verily, when a poor man and child cometh to you for sucor,  thou shalt baton them. Three strikes on the head shall you give, and when they riseth, gas them” But maybe I missed that bit.

Hungary is a peaceful, (mostly) democratic nation. But it has a history, and that history resonates, or not. In 1956 200,000 hungarians fled from a brutal civil war. They were not teargassed, batoned and waterflogged when they streamed across the Austrian border, but were met with humane decency. The grandchildren of the hungarians of that time seem to have forgotten that. In 1989 Hungary colluded in the illegal mass movement of people, allowing illegal migrants to use its territory to move on to where they saw as safe. That was, in case we forget, the contribution of Hungary to the collapse of East Germany. The children of the Hungarians in that period would it seems have beaten them back to Leipzig with fury unbounded. Of course, they were white…

Hungary has shamed itself, shamed europe and shames humanity. But its not alone in that in this crisis.

Look at these pictures Hungarians. Is this the image of your nation you want? Its the one you’re getting.


2 thoughts on “Hungary, Hypocrisy and History

  1. thomas lagoarde-segot

    Hi Brian – thanks, this is one of the best comments I’ve read about the refugee crisis I’ve read. Paragraph 3 is excellent!


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