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a-Fisking we will go: Hugh Bennet Brexit Central version

Apparently Hugh is trained in Cognitive Anthropology. From his musings in BrexitCentral he never did any fieldwork in Northern Ireland. Its touchingly naive but ultimately bonkers stuff. Let us begin

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Fishy Figures on Ireland and the EU

Over the last few years, there has been a growing notion that “the EU stole billions from Irish fisheries”.  The latest figure is 200b, apparently articulated at the Irexit conference/ self-help group last weekend. This is a fishy figure indeed. Read on Continue reading

Brexit : if there’s a hard border the UK must build it

A question gets frequently asked in relation to Brexit – it always comes from the exit side and is “who is going to build a border with Northern Ireland?”. The argument is this ” Well, what if the United Kingdom declines to impose a hard border with the European Union, well then there’s nothing else to be said. Presumably the European Union could decide to build its own hard border, but that’s their problem?

Would that it was so simple… See below the fold

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A-fisking we shall go – Ray Kinsella Edition

So Ray Kinsella has an op-ed in the Irish Times today advocating Irexit.  It’s full of tropes and assertions. Newspapers need to do some basic fact checking. This is the political economy equivalent of a oped calling for the repeal of gravity. My views on Irexit are wll known – see here, here, here. Irexit is proposed by the pale, male, aged, conservatives (I score 2.5, or 3 so I can say that) . It has nothing to do with economics, and  in my reading is all to do with a desire to get us back to the good old days of homogeneous Catholic poor but proud Ireland.

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