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No, closing Irish Water won’t cost €7b

Closing Irish water wont cost €7b, nor anything like it. Today we read, based on internal (and therefore of course unbiased …) documents from Irish Water that to close it would cost “up to €7b).

No, it wont

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Could Big Data Save Irish Water?


We are not good, in Ireland, at joined up thinking. This is particularly evident when one looks at government. It’s a pity, because some times a bit of joined up, and perhaps outside the box, thinking might provide solutions to a number of interlinked problems. Take Irish  water …. yes, yes, we know the joke Continue reading

Irish Water – How big a shambles? Gigashambles? Petashambles? ..

So this morning the news that Irish Water will, in all probability, not be allowed off the state balance sheet. It remains with us, unlike its instigator, Phil Hogan, now off the state accounts (except for his contingent liability of pension) Given that a main, and in principle laudable, aim of setting it up was to allow that, and in doing so allow it borrow away to invest without that borrowing being on the state headline debt burden, this is a major blow. But how big a shambles is it? Lets compare

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Irish Water – the Shambularity.

We are not good at joined up planning in this state. As the economy improves and the state begins to have some discretionary income, it is perhaps too much to hope for that the historical  approach to planning, of random actions that at best don’t join well or at worst cut across each other, that this will be supplanted by some degree of rationality.
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Irish Water – Contradictory letters add to the murky farce

A few months ago I registered with Irish Water, on the phone. I didn’t see the need for the PPS numbers so used the phone method. At no stage did I give my PPS details. Imagine my surprise when I got not one but two letters today from IW, signed by Paul O’Donaghue, head of customer relations. What a job that must be…

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Questions Raised Regarding the Awarding of Irish Water Metering Contract

Questions Raised Regarding the Awarding of Irish Water Metering Contract.

This is a really interesting statement by Catherine Murphy, TD, on Irish Water.  The core of it is as follows

In a PQ reply on June 12th 2013, Minister Hogan confirmed that the end of that month would be the closing date for bidders to apply to be considered for the metering contract. GMC/SIERRA, company number 530230 was one of the successful bidders yet that same company number did not come into legal existence until the 15th of July 2013. Fifteen days after the closing date for bids. How can it be that a company that did not exist when the deadline for bids closed could be awarded a contract? It would appear that GMC/SIERRA, a company with Denis O’Brien as a vested party, was somehow awarded a contract before it even existed?

Answers on a postcard please.  If what Ms Murphy has alleged is the case, then surely there is a question over the whole process?