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Cryptocurrency Uncertainty Index – dataset

This data accompanies the paper “The Cryptocurrency Uncertainty Index” : Lucey, Brian M. and Vigne, Samuel and Yarovaya, Larisa and Wang, Yizhi, The Cryptocurrency Uncertainty Index (March 16, 2021).

Usage of this is free but requires that you cite the above paper.

NOTE: Updated data and commentary on this and other indices can be found at

Wasting a good crisis – 10 things Covid should have changed in Ireland….but didn’t

As we grind our way slowly towards the first anniversary of the first lockdown here, with the spring weather beginning to show, it’s perhaps time to think of the things we have lost. The old adage – never waste a good crisis – seems to have been lost in Irish politics. Below some things which we could have addressed in the heat of the crisis, but instead have not, have neglected, or have activly decided not to. In no particular order….

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