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Irexit… Whats not to like, asks Melanie

So the Bauld Melanie, she who believes Ireland has only a tenuous claim to nationhood has waded in again.  With the ludicrous suggestion from Ray Basset yesterday that we should leave the EU and cleave to Mother England, she now suggests Irexit as a way forward.  It is indeed as she states a no-brainer.

Below the fold, a fisking, her words in Italics…

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economics-should-always-be-paramount-over-tax-considerations-dont-let-the-tax-tail-wag-the-investment-dog-robert-masonRegardless of whether or not an appeal should or should not be taken by the Irish government in relation to the Apple tax ruling, apple themselves will of course appeal. We should not mistake the individual issue, whether Apple did or did not get illegal state aid, for the broader issue of Ireland’s over reliance on (tax driven)  FDI. Its time for a rethink.

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Missing – Irish World Heritage Sites

album_anh-3Why do we have so few, only in fact three on the island as a whole (Skellig, Bru na Boinne, and Giant’s Causeway)? Some other sites are tentative, but the situation to be honest seems stalled. Great. Much talk is made of the government “campaigning” for sites but the reality is that there is no need to campaign – its not a competition. Its an administrative issue – do you hit some, not necessarily all, of the criteria.  The process is pretty clear. So why dont we have more?  Continue reading

Social Democrats and Education

So, the Social Democrats have launched their “not a manifesto“, making them second to Renua in the early stages of the 2016 General Election. As I reviewed the Renua offering on education, so as not to be accused of partisanship, I will, time permitting, do them all. So what do the SD’s promise on education  Continue reading

The Irish Revealed Preference for Dysfunctional Institutions

British Prime Minister Harold McMillian famously replied to the question of what was most likely to trip up governments with “Events, dear boy, Events”, demonstrating the random way in which small things can spiral. Who would have thought that a government could fall on foot of children’s shoes, or because of the appointment of a judge..And yet. Angus Deaton this last week won the Nobel Prize in Economics for a lifetime theorising and evaluating development and the role of  institutions and for looking at how consumption and income are related.  The way in which the Government has reacted and acted shows that these issues are related.

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