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Ordinary Men and 5y old terrorists.


The holocaust didn’t “happen”. It was a deliberate human act of inhumanity. And a good deal of the actions that underpinned it were undertaken by people who a few years before would be seen as decent, ordinary men. Ordinary men, but in uniforms. It didn’t take these men long to go from helping old ladies and kids to shooting them in joblots. Germany was and now is a decent ordinary state. But the ordinary men who did this extraordinary thing were just that – ordinary. Just like US officials now, they were ordinary

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Words for the alt-right

So, giddy with success, the hounds of the alt-right have caught a few cars – a Chevy Cutlass and a Leland Imp but nonetheless..

What now must we term them?

Well, alt in their  nomenclature stands for alternative. So  then we ask, to what is  it  the alternative?

Kellyanne Conway let the cat out of the bag when she presented her ontology of reality which includes “alternative facts”.  Sean Spider einforced this with a comment that the administration reserved the right to disagree with the facts. Tip O’Neill is dead, as  is satire. 

So, out of the mouth of babes we are told , and here we have it.

Instead of calling the movement the alt-right, the media could call it the Wrongs, or the Liars, for that is what they themselves see themselves as. The media won’t, because ravings bring ratings. 

Irish media, which should have a distance forged skepticism of this bullshit is falling over itself to invite onto its pages and microphones ever more wrongs, ever more liars, and let them rave and gibber without check. Ravings drive ratings.Bullshit, in a pure form, makes things grow (fascism…). 

Just change the name..

So has a reflective and thoughtful piece today by Larry Donnelly, on why his neighbours and family in Boston voted Trump. Below I show that with very little changes this can read quite differently, and chillingly.  I have changed Donal Trump to Hitler, USA to Germany, Pell to Mosley, Democrats to Social Democrats, Republican to NSDAP and Hillary Clinton to Otto Wels, plus a few changes in terminology to reflect how this could read after the 1933 German Federal Elections. No, im not equating people with the historical persons but I do suggest that we need to consider Trump as a modern fascist. And thus this can read as if it were a piece in 1933 or 2017.

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So how much should you look for, wage rise wise, in 2017?

Over the last couple of months some colleagues in the Trinity Business School have been working with Abrivia on their annual salary survey. See here for the 2016 survey . The survey will be formally launched in TCD on 19 January but the below is a sneak preview, based on a column for the Sunday Independent.

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What alt-right phrases actually mean


So, in what is at best an ill-advised attempt to explain, in a humorous way, the terminology of the so called “alt- right” the Irish Times ran into a storm of criticism of gargantuan size.  No, not linking to it as clicks = $$ and lets not. It wasn’t a very good glossary, so I have taken the liberty of providing below an alternative. So, when you hear the phrases, this is what they really mean

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