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If you build them, they will come

Ireland has an opportunity to position itself as a leader in an emerging technology, or perhaps a reemerging one. All it takes is political vision, a willingness to face down some entrenched local vested interests and a desire to make a change. This of course means it wont happen, but we can dream!

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Just change the name..

So has a reflective and thoughtful piece today by Larry Donnelly, on why his neighbours and family in Boston voted Trump. Below I show that with very little changes this can read quite differently, and chillingly.  I have changed Donal Trump to Hitler, USA to Germany, Pell to Mosley, Democrats to Social Democrats, Republican to NSDAP and Hillary Clinton to Otto Wels, plus a few changes in terminology to reflect how this could read after the 1933 German Federal Elections. No, im not equating people with the historical persons but I do suggest that we need to consider Trump as a modern fascist. And thus this can read as if it were a piece in 1933 or 2017.

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An open letter to the Irish Times

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Dear Sir,

I buy a copy of the Irish Times every day. Over a week, it costs me €12.90 and I usually consider that to be money very well spent.

I am saddened that you chose to publish online an article written by – but not identified as – a member of the white supremacist “alt-right” movement. The article contained racist phraseology and was published even as its author was tweeting racist comments about refugee children.

This is not to suggest for a moment that the Irish Times should ignore the so-called “alt-right”, but neither should you publish their propaganda as clickbait.

This week I will not be spending €12.90 on the Irish Times but will instead take that sum, top it up to twenty quid, and donate the money to the Irish Refugee Council.

Please consider this my small protest against a very bad decision on your part.

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Visiting the grave of Saint Nicholas on Christmas Eve

Fascinating story

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nast-santaSanta Claus by Thomas Nast (1881)

Today I visited the grave of Santa Claus.

The first thing to say, of course, is that of Santa Claus cannot have a grave, because Santa Claus cannot die and Santa Claus never will. Santa is – as every child knows – a magical being, given life and strength by the power of belief.

Santa lives in the North Pole and once a year, at Christmas time, he sails the night sky in an enchanted sleigh towed by his flying reindeer. The most famous of those, of course, is Rudolf, whose shiny red nose has saved the day more than once. This Christmas night, and every Christmas night, Santa will visit every child in the world and he will do so as long as children believe in him.

I always wonder, though, if Santa gets a little tingle when he stops to deliver presents…

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Godel’s loophole : Turning the USA into a dictatorship, constitutionally

In summary, Gödel’s loophole is that the amendment procedures set forth in Article V apply to the constitutional statements in Article V themselves. In addition, not only may Article V itself be amended, but also it may be amended in an upward or downward direction. Lastly, the Gödelian problem of self-amendment or antientrenchment is unsolvable.

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Fascism and Free speech

Fascism is ineradicable. It lies like a virus in the body politic. All we can do is try to prevent the virus breaking out, and when it does, at the first stage, deal with it swiftly and ruthlessly. Fascism is back. I have written before on how Trump hits most of the markers for fascism. Here we have, so far, been spared the direct outbreak that has infected the USA but we must not be complacent. Fascism, like any disease, has its epidemiology, its vectors of transmission, its symptoms and its cures. Corrosive hate speech weakens the body politic and allows the virus to reemerge. When journalists enable, for the best of intention, such hate speech then we have to ask – do we allow freedom of speech to fascism or its agents and proponents?

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What could Brexit look like? (Part 3 of 4) – Funds & Payments services/Fintech

A gloomy but logical view on the storm coming down the road

Ciarán McGonagle

In my previous post, I set out my thoughts on what Brexit might look like for UK-based firms offering regulated financial services within the EEA.

You can read my thoughts here.

In summary, I consider it extremely unlikely that any new passporting rights will be granted to UK firms and that, following a transitional period, firms will likely lose both existing passporting rights and full, comprehensive access to financial markets within the EEA.

In this post, I will look at the potential impact of Brexit on (i) UK fund managers and (ii) the UK payments services industry, including Fintech and what the UK might hope to achieve in negotiations in these areas.

Fund Management

In my view, the UK’s overriding objective with respect to the fund management industry will be to ensure that UK-based fund managers are able to continue managing and marketing their funds within the EEA with as…

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