Research Students

Since 2006, I  have supervised a number of PhD students to completion. Please see here some information on these colleagues.

Ph.D. students completed

  1. Edel Tully is presently at UBS. Her dissertation was “Three essays on the Gold Market”
  2. Michael Dowling is at Dublin City University , and he produced a PhD “An analysis of mood proxies and their relationship to equity returns”
  3. Thomas Lagoarde-Segot is now at the EuroMed Business School and he worked on “International Financial Integration of MENA countries”
  4. Alexander Eastman is now at Dublin City University and his PhD was “The interrelationship of volume-volatility-skewness on returns in futures  markets”
  5. Ciaran Mac an Bhaird is also at Dublin City University and his work was “The Determinants of Capital Structure in Irish SME’s”
  6. QiYu Zhang is  at Lancaster and he completed a PhD on “The impact of financial integration on corporate balance sheets in emerging markets”
  7. Julian Perez is now working at O2 Analytics and his PhD was ” Multinomial LOGIT models of merger target determination in G7 countries”
  8. Sarah Reilly completed a PhD on “Markov modelling of merger waves” and is now working at Davys Stockbrokers
  9. Deirdre Reilly undertook work on “Statistical Analyses of Residential and Commercial Property” and is now working at Reilly Associates

Ph.D. students currently under supervision

I have several PhD students at present:

  • Fergal  O’Connor  is looking at the issue of bubbles and behavioural biases in gold
  • Sile Li is looking at safe haven potential for minor precious metals
  • Sam Vignes is examining how extreme returns of precious metals are determined

I’m always open to good ideas in relation to supervision, in particular aspects around contagion, behavioural finance, precious metals,  and international financial integration. Feel free to contact me…