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Go East? Chinese Universities and Ireland

A TL:DR of Irish university internationalisation plans would be  : get Chinese students, link with Chinese universities.  Im not at all sure that this makes sense, economically or otherwise.

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Helicopters, Money and Mines…

I have been thinking a lot about helicopters lately. Mostly this is down to the regular reminders to Santy not to forget to bring a helicopter, with doors that open and close and a winch to rescue boats.. Partially its down to the increasing debate that is taking place on helicopter money, which is not something you give to Fisher Price…
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Politicians – Misled or Misleading on Anglo.

anglosunWe don’t have to pay a cent to the Anglo junior debtholders but we probably will. Below I walk through why the Government are either misled or misleading and opine on how we can avoid payment. We have a legal template, which could be tabled. FF should continue to drink its tall glass of STFU on Anglo, so it is down to the opposition. Sinn Fein are busy posturing on meaningless motions on the Taoiseach, the anti-austerity-unless-its-a-party-leaders-allowance-before-logic-party is doing whatever it does, so really its down to people like Shane Ross, Stephen Donnelly, Tom Pringle and so on, the (apparently ) concerned left and right, to table this.  Continue reading

Ghosts of Anglo’s Past

If Irish water is the Omnishambles of 2014 then Anglo Irish bank is likely to be the omnishambles of the first several decades of this millennium.  Like some banking Chernobyl poorly encased in an ill designed hastily erected carapace it continues to leak its toxicity poisoning all around it.  Anglo let us not forget was brought low by its participation in, fuelling of, and entwinement with the housing market. Continue reading