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a-Fisking we shall go – Captain Corelli’s Maudlin Rambling in the FT

So Louis Smart, or as he likes to call himself, Louis de Berniers, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, has a rambling load of illconstructed reminisce as to why he voted to leave, in the FT. Its a doozy

Link here ; and a fisk below the line.

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a-Fisking we shall go : Ray “Bertie” Basset in the S*n

Every now and again, to remind us that there are worse comentators than Andrew Lillico, Ray “Bertie” Basset opines in some English newspaper. Today’s screed is from the S*n . No, I wont link to it. Google it.

Herewith a fisk,

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a-Fisking we shall go – Hugh Bennett in Brexit Central, again!.

Hugh Bennett (@hughrbennett) is the gift that keeps on giving. A rambling piece, devoid, nay utterly ignorant, of history and full of nonsequiturs and misdirection, his latest in BrexitCentral is a hodgepodge of jejune attempts at debating legerdemain, historical inaccuracies and whataboutery. So, standard Brexit stuff really

Read on. For an alternative, just as cutting, takes read here and here and here

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a-Fisking we shall go : David Raynes in Conservative Woman

Every now and again a piece of perfectly congealed boneheadedness comes along. Why do they come on a Friday from the brexstremists, making me fisk them when I should be heading for a beer? Anyhow, here we go, with a piece of internally inconsistent and condescending foolishness of note. So bad is it that the author knew, and allowed a sign, reproduced above, of a vandalised “welcome to NI” sign be its picture lede.  Continue reading