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a-fisking we shall go. Liam Halligan in The Spectator

So, Liam is at it again. Sigh…. Maybe sales of the aul book are flagging coming up to Xmas?

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a-Fisking we shall go – Ray Bassett in the Belfast Newsletter

Good old Ray.  He keeps the IREXIT pot stirred, even when its boiled dry.   Below, a fisking of his latest brexity irexity musings in the Belfast Newsletter.

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a-Fisking we shall go – Hugh Bennett in Brexit Central, again!.

Hugh Bennett (@hughrbennett) is the gift that keeps on giving. A rambling piece, devoid, nay utterly ignorant, of history and full of nonsequiturs and misdirection, his latest in BrexitCentral is a hodgepodge of jejune attempts at debating legerdemain, historical inaccuracies and whataboutery. So, standard Brexit stuff really

Read on. For an alternative, just as cutting, takes read here and here and here

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a-Fisking we shall go : David Raynes in Conservative Woman

Every now and again a piece of perfectly congealed boneheadedness comes along. Why do they come on a Friday from the brexstremists, making me fisk them when I should be heading for a beer? Anyhow, here we go, with a piece of internally inconsistent and condescending foolishness of note. So bad is it that the author knew, and allowed a sign, reproduced above, of a vandalised “welcome to NI” sign be its picture lede.  Continue reading

a-fisking we shall go: Graham and Robert in Brexit Central

So two academics have taken to the unbiased and calm waters of Brexit Central to opine. They tie themselves in rhetorical knots Gordius would be proud of in trying to argue for their position while decrying academics who argue other. Its funny. And fisked.  Continue reading

a-Fisking we will go: Hugh Bennet Brexit Central version

Apparently Hugh is trained in Cognitive Anthropology. From his musings in BrexitCentral he never did any fieldwork in Northern Ireland. Its touchingly naive but ultimately bonkers stuff. Let us begin

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