Monthly Archives: September 2017

Note this, Students

I read with interest the post by the ever-excellent Eugene O’Loughlin on student note taking.  He notes, pun intended a reluctance and resistance from students to taking notes, relying instead on the handed out powerpoints he creates. Continue reading

The Northern Ireland Border issue is NOT about a Common Travel Area

Lots and lots of commentators seem to be confused about Northern Ireland. No surprise there. The confusion seems to be around the post Brexit space. Again, no surprise there, its a mess wrapped in a confusion inside a conundrum. But, let’s parse it. The problem is what to do with the border when it is no longer internal but becomes an external EU frontier.  Continue reading

More on Funding Universities

A few weeks ago I blogged on the % of state funding given to UCD and TCD. I have now updated it, below the fold. TL: DR – the state is no longer the largest funder,  and isn’t providing even half the funds.  I think the pictures speak for themselves Continue reading