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TCD, Ukraine and the moral need to speak up

TCD has two formal linkages with Russian universities- one with Moscow State, the other with St Petersburg State. Yesterday I emailed the below to the Provost/President, and to the VP- Chief Academic Officer. I await a reply or indeed an acknowledgement.

Brian Lucey
Sun, 27 Feb, 20:08 (14 hours ago)
to Linda, Provost, Vice

Dear Colleagues,

I imagine that like myself you are horrified at what we see in Ukraine. This is an unprovoked war, and one which has the potential (see the rather disturbed and disturbing posturing tonight on things nuclear) to take us all down. Ireland being militarily neutral and weak can do little directly but I think we can take moral steps.

I would like you to consider making some steps towards TCD showing its moral revulsion at the Russian state’s actions and supporting Ukrainian institutes of higher education. Some things we could do tomorrow include

  • Immediately cease all institutional level cooperation or exchanges with Russian universities. Of course, individual researchers may continue to work with their colleagues there, but at a school, departmental, centre, institute or university level we should cut all ties. It is all well and good saying science should be above politics but we have taken moral stands in relation to divestment and around occupied territories, so we have already “muddied” the waters as it were. Russian civil society must know it is, as a state, isolated.
  • We should offer to host, for as long as needed, displaced Ukrainian researchers and students where there is a fit with our work. A college in exile is better than one in ruins.
  • Issue a statement to our Ukrainian staff and students expressing our support for their national self-determination, and to our Russian colleagues and students urging them to contact family and friends to outline how the reputation of their state is being trashed.
  • Organize a drive for medical, humanitarian support in physical or financial terms, for the ICRC for its Ukrainian actions

TCD can do this. It should, in my view, do it.