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a-Fisking we shall go: Jonathan Stanley in Think Scotland

Sometimes an article so boneheadedly wrong appears one has to take an hour or so to see if its a mistake, pisstake or real. Thus it is with this risible piece of nonsense in Think Scotland (please do….)

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a-Fisking we will go: Hugh Bennet Brexit Central version

Apparently Hugh is trained in Cognitive Anthropology. From his musings in BrexitCentral he never did any fieldwork in Northern Ireland. Its touchingly naive but ultimately bonkers stuff. Let us begin

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Brexit(eer) Myths about Ireland

I wrote this 18m ago, and it is both depressing and amusing to see some of these tropes being trotted out still. .So, to add to the debate, lets revisit

Its instructive,  and amusing in a “poke ’em with a stick” manner to see the brexiteers view of Ireland. Below are some of the favourite myths they propagate, or perhaps even believe, about Ireland.. Lets explore, and explode 

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Ireland – Not yet out of the economic woods

10 years on from the onset of the crisis we could take some time to take stock. The government is keen, as are many, to wipe it from memory – keep the recovery going. The recent undoubted recovery has softened memories for the most part. But if we forget the past we will sure as eggs forget the lessons of the past.

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Harden this border so…

Much talk this day on a hard, wet, soft, chewy…ok not that one… border.

Tell me, harden this border will you, for me? Tell me where the border will be placed… The border is so twisty turny topsy turvey…

This is a tiny part of the border, in Louth. It cuts through motorways (zig zagging) and houses and farms and barns….

So, wheres the hard border going to be?



Here are some more fun and games.