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a-Fisking we shall go : Kate Hoey in Brexit Central edition

Another weekend, another hysterical, breathless screeching Brexit bromide begging to be fisked. This week it is arch brexiteer Kate Hoey, in the pompously self-important “Brexit Central”.

So, a fisking we shall go.

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Brexit : if there’s a hard border the UK must build it

A question gets frequently asked in relation to Brexit – it always comes from the exit side and is “who is going to build a border with Northern Ireland?”. The argument is this ” Well, what if the United Kingdom declines to impose a hard border with the European Union, well then there’s nothing else to be said. Presumably the European Union could decide to build its own hard border, but that’s their problem?

Would that it was so simple… See below the fold

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a-Fisking we shall go : Daniel Huggins in CapEx Version

So, I read a lot of stuff on Brexit and so on. This fatuous drivel which I fisk, below the line, is earbleedingly bad. It’s from CapEx,  by a chap called Daniel Huggins. He is the grandiloquently titled “Director of Research” at a gingergroup called “Get Britain Out”.

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The Northern Ireland Border issue is NOT about a Common Travel Area

Lots and lots of commentators seem to be confused about Northern Ireland. No surprise there. The confusion seems to be around the post Brexit space. Again, no surprise there, its a mess wrapped in a confusion inside a conundrum. But, let’s parse it. The problem is what to do with the border when it is no longer internal but becomes an external EU frontier.  Continue reading