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The deadliest year for refugees?

The Independent (UK) has a piece this day on the continued slow unfolding horror that is the meditteranian refugee crisis. Refugee crisis: 2016 on course to be deadliest year on record as thousands of asylum seekers drown in Mediterranean | Europe | News | The Independent


The tragic benchmark was not reached until October 2015, which was the deadliest year on record and made the channel between Libya and Italy the most dangerous crossing in the world.

It is a horror. A blot on the conscience of the world, and something the Irish government has made but a token effort to deal with. Sure, refugees from war and famine, what mean they to us….

Where I take issue is with 3000 refugee deaths being the deadliest year on record. On record where? Since when?  Continue reading

Hungary, Hypocrisy and History

I cannot understand them. Hungarian officials, and police that is. Really, I cant get into their heads. Nor, I suspect, would I want to. I’d vomit. Continue reading

Refugees, rural decay and reinvigoration.

Sometimes things seen cannot be unseen. The tragedy in Syria, and that’s where the main impetus of refugees is from now, has been a horror. But numbers numb. 250,000 dead including 20,000 children is for most of us incomprehensibly large.  But one death, that of a poor wee toddler washed ashore in Turkey, a small helpless child, that is comprehensible and unbearable. Continue reading