Ireland…not spending enough..

An excellent data driven deep dive into Irish government spending here..
“Ireland is a low-spending economy. Historically, this has always been the case. In 2000, Ireland was well below the EU average. Even in the boom years we never got near the spending levels of other EU countries. The crash made it look like we were catching up to the EU average but this was a statistical illusion created by GDP volatility. Coming out of the recession and stagnation the numbers are reflecting our true state – a chronic and substantial under-spender.

So let’s knock all claims to the contrary. Whether it is public services, social protection and income support, or investment we are starving ourselves. The question is not whether we are a low-spender – we are most definitely. The question is: will we let this happen.”


2 thoughts on “Ireland…not spending enough..

  1. Pete

    Where is all this extra money to come from?
    Higher direct taxes? More stealth taxes? Higher government borrowing? None of those seem like good ideas. That really only leaves higher corporate taxes, which would be a very dangerous move.


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