10 Questions the media might ask President of Renua, Eddie Hobbs (but probably wont)

  1. How much money was lost by investors in the cape verde holiday home debacle?
  2. How much money has he earned from work for the public sector broadcaster RTE?
  3. Does he still believe that the female dominated teachers unions voted as they did on the Haddington Road agreement because it was their time of the month?
  4. Does he have any moral qualms about investing in repossessed property in Detroit?
  5. Will he be engaging in similar vulture fund activities in Ireland?
  6. Does he share the views of Billy Timmons, the deputy leader of Renua, that rough sleeping should be made illegal?
  7. Are there any other sectors of the economy, apart from public sector workers, who should see a wages freeze?
  8. Given he is now a public figure and president of a political party with representatives in the national parliament, will he provide a full accounting of all investments and debts he holds so we can be sure he is free of any question of potential conflicts of interest?
  9. How much money has he personally taken from Brendan Investment etcs, a property fund ?
  10. Does he wear lifts in his shoes

Eddie is now a public figure. Its good he and others have founded a party, we need diversity of opinion. But he comes off as cranky, thinskinned and evasive. So, its hard to see him lasting…

Additional questions others have raised

  1. Does he agree with the party’s consumate media performer, Terence Flanagan, that water protestors should have their social welfare payments cut?
  2. Given that you say you cant run for office as it wouldn’t pay you enough, is that not an argument that some public servants , politicians, are NOT overpaid? As a follow, what does that say for your powers of logical argument?

8 thoughts on “10 Questions the media might ask President of Renua, Eddie Hobbs (but probably wont)

  1. Brendan Ryan

    Well said Brian. Would love to hear what he thinks nurses, Gardaí, army should be paid since he’s on record that public servants are “overpaid insiders”

  2. brianmlucey Post author

    My salary scale is public. And, alas, that’s it..
    Your q answered is…by actually using the existing methods more. But firing people as a first answer is poor management. There’s a hierarchy

  3. Ronan D Johnson


    Some relevant and worthwhile questions there, but can I suggest you amend / clarify numbers 2 & 9?

    Firstly, I think Mr. Hobbs is on the record previously about RTE money – he doesn’t get any. The more relevant question is how much money does he get / has he received in the past from independent production companies who go on to sell their tv shows to RTE.

    A worthwhile addendum would be to ask how, when he constantly complains about never being asked to contribute to RTE economic discussions (despite not being an economist), does he always manage to get on Marian at the weekend at the drop of a hat whenever someone says something nasty in the papers about him?

    Regarding question 9, I’d advise caution on this one. Talking about Brendan Investment has cost newspapers in the past, both financially and in reputation through the need for apologies and retractions.

    It’d be worth sticking to the public facts, and asking questions about those facts.

    There are two companies of interest – the aforementioned Brendan Investments, and a similarly named property management company. Eddie in the past was associated with both – and possibly still is.

    It’s worth noting that investors were offered a piece of Brendan Investments, but not the property management company

    Questions could be asked about how much money Mr. Hobbs earns, withdraws, is paid a salary, by each of those companies.

    Additionally, it’d be worth asking about the business relationship between the two companies, and how the fees charged for property management services to Brendan Investments compares the going market rate.

    I’d love to see all this, and more, follows up on.


  4. Peter Power

    Mmmm! Maybe you could ask question 8 to the current Ceann Comhairle? Also, in the context of the current deficit, could you ask question 7 to Minister Brendan Howlin who is making pre-election promises about reversing public sector “pay freezes” when it is perfectly clear that the State cannot afford to do so. You may be a little more specific by asking the Minister if a reversal of the current policy takes place, if it will come in the form of a gradual reduction in the USC rates instead. Regarding questions 4 and 5, you may ask Mr. Noonan if he finds morally objectionable, the selling of NAMA assets to investors at a fraction of their cost and to further entice investors by providing tax reliefs on such acquisitions? Please, also do ask the Minister how many hundreds of millions will this cost to the tax payer in lost tax revenue in the coming years when the same investors flip their investments and cash in their profits. Because they will.

  5. machholz

    Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    We wont be getting any answers as they all come from a corrupt system that has endowed them with monstrous egos that wont allow them to answer questions from the wee folk!


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