Discover Research Dublin | 25 September 2015

What do Trinity  Business School researchers do?  Come along on Friday and see. For FREE!

Discover Research Dublin is an event funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 framework as part of European Researchers Night. This takes place on the last Friday of every September. On this night, we invite the general public to our campus to take part in tours, talks, demos and chats. We want you to meet researchers, hear their stories and learn a bit about what makes us tick. Research isn’t an ivory tower pursuit, and it has real impacts in everyone’s daily lives.

Trinity Business School will host three events as part of this, all in Aras An Phairsaigh in the main campus, from 1800-2000

  • Professor Frank Barry will talk in 0.09 about the early manufacturing history of the Free State and what lessons we can learn from it for today.
  • A dozen of our PhD students will present poster presentations of their work, where the public can ask them about the research, why it matters and who really cares!
  • Four faculty (Professors Andrew Burke, Norah Campbell, Martha Luff and Billy Kingston) will give short talks on what they consider the future holds and what their work informs them about same

Plus, there are dozens more talks, interactions, seminars, discussions, experiments etc ongoing throughout the night! And its being opened by Her Highness Panti Bliss at 1730 at the Front Gate.

Discover Research Dublin | 25 September 2015


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