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So, thanks to Pearse Doherty ( although sent on 6 Nov this seems to have only hit my mailbox now…) we now have a clarity on the reduction in staffing from the top levels of Irish universities. In particular, TCD and Maynooth and Limerick …..

In response to a question he obtained from the Dept Education the following information.


So of the 67 professors who have left some 40 have been replaced, a cut of 40% ; of the 20 Associate Professors some 14 have been replaced at lower levels.

What is interesting is the university by university variation : 100% of posts lost in UCD have been replaced while 0% of Maynooth is replaced. Of course there are I am sure discipline specific variations here which need to be surfaced, but it does prompt questions. In particular, why is only 1 out of 15 TCD professors replaced ? In every metric TCD is a leading university in Ireland, and this seems to be destroying the seedcorn.

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