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Your Tax euro at work….PQ version

“Noel Rock (Dublin North West, Fine Gael): To ask the Minister for Education and Skills the total cost of the provision of third level education; and if he will make a statement on the matter …” (more) [Dáil written answers, 19 July]

via Third Level Costs — Ninth Level Ireland

to which , were I minister, I would say “no, its already public domain, look it up” or indeed  “cost, to whom?”

There are DOZENS of these types of PQ’s asked each day, where the TD concerned should be given directions to the Dail Library and told of the existence of Google.


Eircode – unloved and unused by logistics companies

So Eircode….That thing of which I written numerous times…. its been around a while now. It cost the thick end of €40m So presumably lots of people are using it? In particular, one would imagine that the very largest firms in the global supply chain coming into and out of Ireland are using it, right?  People like these…

Screenshot 2016-05-27 09.59.02.png


Well, not so much. A survey released recently by CBRE on logistics and supply chain firms reveals that 96% of firms say they have not adapted processes to use it, 93% say they have not taken any action whatsoever, and 100% (yes, 100%) in pure logistics reporting no change in business processes. So, quite literally, NOBODY in logistics (from this survey) is using it.  89% of logistics companies say they dont expect to gain any benefit in processes from Eircode, a view shared by 77% of shipping companies.  overall 83% of companies see no benefit likely.

Screenshot 2016-05-27 10.05.29

Ireland needed postcodes. Sensible ones that map to small areas, like in most parts of the world. Instead, we got this botch.


Eircode- Failure of the Year? 

It cost millions, but Eircode’s trumpeted benefits for business have not happened

Neil McDonnell, general manager of the Freight Transport Association of Ireland, whose members include the global delivery firms DHL and FedEx, says that as far as he knows, none of the association’s members is using the code. “The nature of a postcode as a random code is the significant problem. It is essentially a social security number for a property,” says McDonnell. “The code itself is a meaningless construct.”

Describing it as “worthless”, Irish Road Haulage Association’s presidentVerona Murphy says it was designed “as a system that only An Post could use” and it is “useless” for anyone else. “There was no input from those whom it’s supposed to service.”


nobody is using the wretched thing

We haven’t seen people using it,” says a member of the counter staff, who estimates that “about 2 per cent” of postage carried the code.

Source: Six months on, people still confounded by Eircode system


Its not like there hasnt been a massive and comprehensive scorching of this worthless heap of crap. But will this cabinet back down? Noo… Mere uselesness isnt a barrier to adoption it seems.

Debunking the AutoAddress Debunking! | Get Lost Eircodes

In April last, Professor Brian Lucey of TCD published an independent assessment of the major issues that are associated with the planned National Postcode, to be called Eircode. Almost immediately, an attempt at debunking these issues was published by a company called AutoAddress in Dublin. Of course, those watching expected a debunking of the debunking, but none was done because none was merited…until now, let us tell you why.

via Debunking the AutoAddress Debunking! | Get Lost Eircodes.