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The Economics of Terror

d9ed0090-7db0-4750-a6eb-ef3cba201aef-2060x1236The dreadful events in Paris, and the ongoing as dreadful but happening far away in places we don’t go to for long weekends events in the middle east have brought the issue of terrorism to the forefront again. Politics dominates, political theatre moreso.

trump-saluteIn the USA we see the chilling reaching into the dustbin of history by the Republicans,  with the leader of the republican challenge, Donald Trump, musing on the need for special Muslim ID – a cheerful yellow cloth crescent sewn on their clothes mayhap? . In the UK the Daily Mail revisits its roots with a cartoon subliminally equating refugees with rats.  Slovakia only wants Christians. And so on.  What is missing in the dialog is the role of economics.

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