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If you build them, they will come

Ireland has an opportunity to position itself as a leader in an emerging technology, or perhaps a reemerging one. All it takes is political vision, a willingness to face down some entrenched local vested interests and a desire to make a change. This of course means it wont happen, but we can dream!

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Banks, SMEs and relationship banking

BoI Survey talk UpdatedThe last few weeks have seen the launch of two reports on SME Finance. One was the now regular Department of Finance report on credit conditions, the other a Bank of Ireland report on the financial situation of tech orientated SME’s, this drawing in large part on work conducted by a PhD student under my supervision. I launched the latter – my speaking notes are here BoI Survey talk Updated :   and the report here Bank_of _Ireland_ Technology_Research_Embargo. Overall the picture is, as always, mixed.
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