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Technology SMEs in Ireland.

Here is a link to a Bank of ireland report on the technology SME sector, featuring some survey work undertaken by myself and a doctoral student. More details tomorrow in the Irish Examiner column.

Do we need more financial literacy?

A number of years ago I found myself, in collaboration with Constantin Gurdgiev,  in the back of a taxi, in Dublin, with a US journalist. We were spending the afternoon taking taxis at random, with the journalist asking the taxi   his or her  views and knowledge on various financial and economic concepts.  A piece subsequently appeared which noted that so bad was the financial mess we’re in that Irish taxis were capable of discussing credit default swap pricing and the arcane of ratings agencies, which was seen to be in some way better than the usual fare of weather and football

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Buy to Let and other residential investments : why dont people sell?

underwaterOne of the features of the Irish residential property boom and bust was the large number of people who purchased residential property for investment purposes. Figures for end 2012 suggest over 150,000 investment mortgages, accounting for some €31b. Now that the market has fallen a question that is often asked is why we do not see more of these investment properties coming onto the market? Many are “underwater” in value terms.

CMYK_87_Hunt__MarieTo try to get some answers to this Karl Deeter (Irish Mortgage Brokers), Marie Hunt (CBRE) and myself have created a short survey. It can be found here and should not take more than a minute or two to fill in. We are also distributing this form through other channels.The survey is aimed at people who are or who were in Ireland who purchased residential investment property whether that property is in Ireland or elsewhere, and where these properties (in whole or in part) are both underwater (likely selling price now less than the purchase price) and (in whole or in part) not on the market for sale.

deeter_indo_304576tPlease fill in and please pass the link round to anyone you think might be interested.


How tolerant or otherwise are irish adults in regard to financial risks? Evidence from a largescale survey

Short answer :they are tolerant, but it depends on a number of demographic and other factors. In particular, gender, age and the level of education matter. We also find little evidence of urban/rural divides in risk tolerance. This is to our knowledge the first benchmark survey of risk tolerance to be published for irish adults, 650 of whom are surveyed here.

A paper on this is forthcoming in Financial Services Review, while here is a video discussing it and the paper itself can be found on SSRN