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The Planning Stupids… they havent gone away you know

Sallins, where I live, is a nice pleasant canalside village. Right in the center of it is a large derelict site, on which planning permission for a town center was given ye these many moons ago. More or less directly opposite it, down a lane, is the GAA. The latest plan is to rezone THAT for a town center. Why? To date the local councillors have been rather mute.

Here, read below an information leaflet sent round in advance of an open meeting in mid January. It is mindboggling.

A written petition against this foolishness is going into the councillors this weekend. At least one is running for national election so perhaps 1000 signatures, which is what they are in sight of, will sharpen the mind and soften the cough. I took the names and contact details out of the leaflet, but they are easily obtained if one needs.