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Where are EU-Asian economic relations now and how will these impact on business?

The rise of the Asian economies will be the dominant theme of the next decade it is now clear. Ireland exports relatively little to this area, although this is growing fast. A course on euro-asian business relations will be run by my campus company on 8-9 March, led by Professor Bernadette Andreosso. Bernadette is Director of the Euro-Asia Centre, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick.

Full course details are available (on our beta site) here but the course topics include: the economic rise of Asia; the EU Global Strategy and Asia; EU-Asia Trade, investment and financial relations; the EU-South Korea FTA and the EU-India FTA (a comparative perspective); the interface between the EU and the Chinese economies; EU-Japan and EU-ASEAN relations; integration in Asia (monetary integration and trade patterns); the role of Asia in the current economic crisis.

Any business which is or which is contemplating doing business in Asia, or which finds itself under competitive pressure from this region, as well as policy makers and policy formers should consider attending. It should be appealing to all those confronted with decision making in a multi-polar world which is increasingly shaped by a number of emerging economies in Asia.

These topics will be covered by means of lectures as well as small workshops so as to maximise the level of interaction between the various participants.


QFA participants should note that CPD Hours are awarded: 4 QFAs CUAs LCOIs, 12 Chartered Bankers – CeBs.

QFA Board Accreditation, CPD Hours and Ussher

As many of you know I have started a Campus Company, Ussher Executive Education,  specializing in non-certified executive education.

I am pleased to announce that we have now gotten information from the QFA board as to the CPD hours which will be awarded under the various headings.

The spreadsheet is noted below : it contains hyperlinks under each course or instructor, as well as a listing of hours granted.  It is further broken down by the retail financial products. So if you require CPD there is now one further route.

ussher QFA