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Bloodboiling double standards in Ireland regarding bankruptcy

You are a NAMA  Family

  • Bad luck. Bankrupt eh?
  • Phew. Your in luck… Your reasonable standard is defined in the High Court, by expensive barristers
  • You can claim (2 adults, a car, three second level school kids) €9k per month as reasonable
  • Err who takes public transport?
  • You can maintain a gold club subscription of €165 per month.
  • You can have €1644 per month for the three kids private school fees
  • Its perfectly reasonable to pay €3750 for rent for a house that is “attractive and desirable”
  • This is not “a celtic tiger lifestyle”

You are a regular Family

  • Bad luck. Bankrupt eh?
  • Your sh!t out of luck. Your standard is set down in a leaflet by the insolvency service
  • You can claim (2 adults, a car, three second level school kids) €2461 per month as reasonable (per Table 6).
  • Oh, you cant have a car if you live where there is public transport
  • Sport?
  • You can have €194 p month for the three kids for all educational needs
  • Daft.ie is your friend. Lots there for €1k per month… See ya on the Luas for an hour each way
  • “we all partied”

download (2)This is bloodboiling stuff. Honestly. I would say more but I dont want to be up in front of Mr Justice Bermingham (who was once a FG TD) for contempt. I doubt that anyone in the Dail or Seanad will raise this – if they do they will be told to STFU as “its a matter for the courts”. Article 40(1) of the constitution says “All citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal before the law”. I guess…

Let the train take the strain….or not…


For complicated reasons I found myself earlier this week having to drive to Waterville, Country Kerry and leave the car there. This involved then getting back to Sallins, by public transport. To go there I drove, which took a tad over 4 1/2 hours. Coming back was somewhat different. I got a bus from Waterville at 0735 (€17.50), a five minute walk from the house. which left me at Killarney Railway station for a train at 0936 (a whopping €62 for this one) This ancient rattletrap eventually dropped us all at Mallow and we joined another train getting into Heuston at 1255. I got a train to Sallins at 1320 (€7) which dropped me at 1350 getting me back to my door at 1400.  A total time from door to door 0725-1400 or 6h 35m.

As to cost : well I have the car so its the additional running cost that matters for this journey. I topped up the tank with just under €30 of petrol in a petrol station on the Sallins Road. This topup was almost gone on arrival. Contrast that with €86.50 …

Yes, I know billions have gone into roads. Yes, I know that. I also know that when it takes three times as much money and half as long again on bus and train which mode of transport I would suggest to people. If we want people to use public transport, lets make it a viable alternative – if its going to be slower make it cheaper, if its going to be more expensive make it faster than going one ones own.