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Galaxy S3 + Android 4.3 = Horrible Rolling FUBAR Disaster

A longtime mac fanboy, I changed last year to the Galaxy S3. I was offered and upgrade by Vodafone to the then new iPhone5 and thought : if I have to change chargers, I may as well go to what looks like the best in class at that time.

I liked, and like, the phone. After a day or so sorting out transfer glitches, it was smooth and slick.

Then came Android 4.3. Its still “Jelly Bean” but “Heap O’Crap” might have been a better name. It bricked the phone. As in, it would not wake up when it went to sleep. Push the home key and wait….and wait… sometimes for minutes at a time. Hear the phone ringing, and see the screen blank. Watch your WiFi signal fade in and out as you stand beside the router delivering 100mb to the rest of the house. See the call, and paw at the screen to no avail. After much googling (theres a meta irony right there) I found hordes of people with the same problem. I eventually tweeted Vodaphone, and a very nice response came back : take out the battery, then disable S-Voice aka “I cant believe its not Siri…oh, wait, I can”. That kinda worked. It is still slow to respond, and still hangs. One thing that this disabling hasnt fixed is the astoundingly poor battery life. Its now 4.30pm. The phone is on its second recharge of the day, having gone to 10% in a few hours of very light usage. Its back to 12% now, and I can almost hear it declining. Im not an especially heavy user even.

4.3 Sucks. BigTime. Dont download or install it. Google and Samsung are showing signs with this of the old Microsoft approach of letting paying customers beta test products. Mind you, they have now it seems pulled the plug on the S3 US update…