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With greater transparency in prices, where now for house prices ? Have your say!

So now that we have some more transparency in the housing price area, with the publication of the property price database, where do people see the average house price going? Will greater transparency via increased volume result in prices going up or will people decide that the market is still a buyers market and bid down? Ill leave this up for the evening… Please direct people to it.


The €31b question : answered

And the results are in :













76% of people DO NOT think there will be a meaningful deal on the Prom Notes, 17% DO and 8% dont know what a PromNote is. These may include members of the oireachtas….


the €31b question

So another day and more discussion on will we/wont we get a deal on the Anglo Irish Promissory Notes….

What do you think? Here is a short poll, I will leave it open until 1700h today. I define “meaningful” as a deal that will at the very least allow the state to save €1b or more per annum over the next decade on these notes….