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Why won’t Irish Water take my money?


The most annoying aspect of the entire omnishambles that is Irish Water is that it is ongoing, fractal, and recursive. Take my efforts to get them to TAKE MY MONEY.. which they wont. Is there no end to the inefficiency of this organisation?

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Irish Water – How big a shambles? Gigashambles? Petashambles? ..

So this morning the news that Irish Water will, in all probability, not be allowed off the state balance sheet. It remains with us, unlike its instigator, Phil Hogan, now off the state accounts (except for his contingent liability of pension) Given that a main, and in principle laudable, aim of setting it up was to allow that, and in doing so allow it borrow away to invest without that borrowing being on the state headline debt burden, this is a major blow. But how big a shambles is it? Lets compare

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Irish Water : time to flush it away, refill later.

There is a classic syndrome in much organizational strategy which is called “escalation of prior commitment” . This is also known as ‘throwing good money (or political capital) after bad’. Sometimes the thing to do is – stop. The government should now pause the Irish Water omnishambolic clowncar, rethink and regroup.
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Irish Water : “we haven’t a clue” (at last, honesty)

I dont mind, really, paying for water. But, I cant. I dont have my “application pack”.

When the neighbours got theirs, I rang, and they said “oh, wait a few days”. I did. They didnt come. Around the start of October, I rang again “right, thats odd, I will reorder, should be there in a few days”. They werent. This week, rang again. I got an honest woman. She explained there were “thousands” looking for packs and they “hadnt a clue when they would get sent out”. She warned it could well be after the end of the month, but they “hadnt a clue”. IW then tweeted to me that I could DM them to give the information I have already given them three times. They asked me to contact them. Lads, im easy contacted. Im sick of ringing you. You ring me now.

This is small beer really, but its indicative of a huge problem. IW seems catastrophically badly organized. Rather than having to apply online with a pin sent by a pack a simple solution would be to have the following. If you havent a pack, ring this freephone number, or email this address, and we will send you one. With a pin. That would be simple. But this is not how IW do things. There is a culture of “sod the customer” already inbuilt. This is what will lose general elections.

Take the childrens PPS number. I am hugely opposed to giving this to them. I do understand that they need proof of a child. I am happy to give them that. A copy of the passport, a copy of the childrens allowance, a letter from his doctor. FFS a look to my facebook page will show the ongoing existance of Prof Jr. Why they need HIS PPS is beyond me. Perhaps they can tell me when they ring me.

Meanwhile, this on Social media. If its true, and I have no reason to doubt it isnt, given how sloppy some of the installation work is alleged to be, then lots of people will be stunned when they get the bill.