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Dear LaTeX…its not me, its you

So, I have tried, again, today, for the n-th time, to get to grips with LaTeX, via Lyx.  no go.

I have, as can be seen, written loads of papers, and made buckets of presentations, most all of which were via some version of MSOffice. But, I admit it, I have presentation envy – the LaTeX stuff looks much …cooler.

I today wanted to do what I would have thought was simple : use Lyx to create a simple presentation, in Beamer  (hell, id use powerdot or anything else) that had citations in it.

No joy. I get ? instead of citations, or author, ? instead of citations. I get lovely bibliographies, but not a citation in site or in sight . Why cannot this be? Can I not get Smith (2001) instead of ?, or maybe (author, ?) .

I have BibDesk, I have the Lyx, the latest installations of each. I have experimented with Latexian, and TexMaker, and TexShop. And yet a simple thing, a presentation, is a task akin to deciphering the rosetta stone while smacked out on ketamine blind drunk at midnight in a coal hole. I dont want to faff about with hashtags, brackets, parentheses, and forward and backward slashes. I had that in the early 1980s with some hideous early wordprocessor on a C64. no thanks. I just want it to work.

Going on the net is useless – jabberings about defined userblocks, or undefined or something, talk about installing and editing document preambles, loops that require you to install packages before styles before something else, people asserting that this error is nonexistent, is my fault for not doing something, is resolved, is unresolvable…. A whole subculture of people talking at each other with scare a care that nobody knows wtf they are on about…. Much like economists.

I give up. Back to Powerpoint or Keynote….. There has to be a market for a simple, user friendly, GUI based, quasi-wysiwg USABLE LaTeX front end, like a simpler  SciWord, that works, and can do things that people want, like insert citations without requiring that one spend hours wandering in nerdland…. GRRRR