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Eircode – Strange emails and defectors?

The Eircode Pimpernel Strikes!!!

The below email was sent today to all members of the senate. We believe this email came the self proclaimed leader of the Eircode tender. Yes you read that correctly, someone involved with the delivery of the state-backed Eircode postcode has anonymously (based on legal advice), jumped ship and is urging senators not to support Eircode.


Read more via A strange anonymous email was sent to all Senators today in advance of the postal services bill debate…The Eircode Pimpernel Strikes!!! | Get Lost Eircodes.

The Eircode mess – a view from the USA.

So, Eircode lumbers on, another debacle in waiting, predictable and avoidable. We dont do evidence based policy making. I have written on Eircode before, here, here, here  and here.  But, im a professor of finance, so what do I know…Well, lets hear from someone who is a professional postdode person (what a wonderful world we live in that such jobs exist) and has no skin in this game. A person, from out of town, with slides, so definitionally an expert.

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