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Financial Illiteracy – A Problem we are ignoring.

Ten years on and we still don’t know what a tracker mortgage is, despite all the financial water under the bridge, the collapse of the banking system, and the taking into receivership of the state. We are financially illiterate in large part. And nobody seems to be doing much about it.

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25.8% = 12.1% = 4.8%.. if you’re the Sunday Independent

So today the Super Soaraway Sindo has a breathess shock horror piece about academic salaries. The headline is  “25% of university academics earn more than 100k”

Lets see.

The numbers appear to refer to the sector as a whole. 1093 people earn more than 100k. But the sector as a whole has (as from p 41) 22648 persons, of whom 9056 are academic.

So, 1093 / 4229 = 25.8% but 1093 / 9056 = 12.1% and indeed 1093 / 22638 = 4.8%

Which makes a better headline? Why would the Sindo mislead?

Its also notable that the same SuperSindo has not deigned to comment one way or another on the recent reports on the impact of the Higher Education sector. Now, im sure that that was an oversight. I mean, they wouldnt have an agenda or anything would they?

Screenshot 2014-11-23 09.23.52