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Even the HSE CIO says PPSN would work as a health ID so why a separate number?

So yesterday, and this was news to me, we got another unique one per person number. Apart form the PPSN, used for pretty much every state and many non state ID purposes, and the new pupil number for the POD database, we are now to have a unique IHI health ID number. This project is uncosted, and hasnt really been told not to mind sold to people.

I asked the Chief Information Officer of the HSE if the PPSN would work. Yes. Ok, there are a host of data protection issues, but the reality is what the new IHI will be is a key to identify patient details on a database. That database, and the access to same, and the security of the key etc, they will all have to be dealt with. So, when the CIO says the existing state system would work, why on earth are we putting in a new one?

Screenshot 2015-08-06 07.41.48