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Dublin Economics Workshop Annual Policy Conference Programme

Dublin Economics Workshop

35th Annual Economic Policy Conference

Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick, October 18-20 2013.

 The Dublin Economics Workshop is kindly sponsored this year by Dublin Chamber of Commerce



Friday October 18th

14.00 Registration

14.30 Session 1 – Callaghan Suite – The Mortgage Market I

Conall Mac Coille and David McNamara (Davy): Ireland’s Deteriorating Mortgage Arrears Crisis  

Gregory Connor and Thomas Flavin (Maynooth): Financial Characteristics of Irish Mortgage Defaulters

Brendan Burgess (Askaboutmoney): Measuring the Sustainability of Mortgages

14.30 Session 2 – Pery Room – The Labour Market

Rory O’Farrell (NERI): Did wage changes affect Ireland’s economic competitiveness?

Gerard Brady (IBEC): Network Social Capital and Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence for Ireland

Breda O’Sullivan (IDA): Swings and Roundabouts – how FDI Employment is Faring

16.00 Coffee

16.15 Session 3 – Callaghan Suite – Sectoral Policy

Pat O’Keeffe (Farmers Journal): Is the Dairy Industry Ready for Take-Off?

Tony O Reilly (Providence Resources):  Ireland’s Offshore Oil and Gas Sector – Realising its True Potential

Jerome Casey and Felim O’Rourke (Bahrain Polytechnic): Tourism Policy in Ireland – Time for Structural Change?

Jim Deegan (University of Limerick): Key Issues for the Tourism Policy Review

16.30 Session 4 – Pery Room – Micro Policy I

Charles Larkin (Cardiff Metropolitan University): Higher education finance and the accountability framework in the UK and Ireland: a comparison of unsustainable systems

Cathal Guiomard (Commission for Aviation Regulation): Why Don’t Departments Regulate Agencies the Way Agencies Regulate Companies?

Paul Ferguson, Tony Weekes (Sensible Money): An Electronic Penny for Your Thoughts: How the Rise of Digital Money has Affected Ireland’s Recent Past.


18.30 – Plenary  – O’Brien Suite

Karl Whelan (UCD): Resolving Europe’s Banking Crisis

followed by a panel discussion with Karl Whelan, Gary O’Callaghan and Alan Ahearne.

Dinner 20.00

Saturday October 19th

10.00 Session 5 – Pery Room – Taxation

Pat McCloughan (PMCA):  ‘New Evidence on Income and Tax Inequalities in Ireland’

Michael Collins (NERI): ‘Estimating the Direct and Indirect Tax Contributions of Households in Ireland

Tom McDonnell (TASC): Wealth Tax – Options for Implementation in Ireland

10.00 Session 6 – O’Brien Suite – Fiscal Policy I

Tom Healy (NERI): Ireland’s Fiscal Stance in the 2020s: Changes, options and possible solutions

Joseph Durkan (UCD) and Moore McDowell (ECU Ltd): Structural Adjustment and the Bail-Out Programme

Derek Nolan TD: Troika Exit must lead to Values-Based Economy

11.30 Coffee

12.00 Session 7 – O’Brien Suite – The Mortgage Market II 

Ronan Lyons (TCD): Explaining the Bubble: Credit Conditions, User Cost & House Prices in Ireland, 1980-2012

Seamus Coffey (UCC): Understanding Mortgage Arrears Statistics: What Can They Really Tell Us?

Karl Deeter (Irish Mortgage Brokers): Advising the Modern Mortgage Defaulter

12.00 Session 8 – Pery Room –  Micro Policy II

Jasmina Behan (FAS): Labour Market Transitions

Marc Coleman (Broadcaster and Economist): Proposal for a Centralised Economic Service for Government

Joseph Wheatley (Biospherica-Risk): Quantifying CO2 Savings from Wind Power

14.30 Session 9 – O’Brien Suite – The Eurozone Crisis

 Peter Breuer (IMF): The European Crisis: Unfinished Business

Cormac Lucey : Plan B: Debt Restructuring and Eurozone Exit – Ireland’s Escape from Permanent Financial Crisis

Alan Ahearne (NUIG): Bailout Entry and Exit and the Myth of Economic Sovereignty

14.30 Session 10 – Pery Room – Fiscal Policy II

Mark Blyth (Brown University) and Stephen Kinsella (University of Limerick): Towards an Operational Definition of Austerity

Brendan O’Connor (Department of Finance): The Structure of Ireland’s Tax System and Options for Growth-Enhancing Reform.

Gary O Callaghan (DIU): The Political Economy of European Union

16.00 Plenary O’Brien Suite

The Budgetary Outlook – Presentation and Q + A with Michael Noonan TD, Minister for Finance.

17.15 Coffee

17.45 Plenary – O’Brien Suite

Sebastian Barnes and Diarmaid Smyth (Fiscal Council): The Government’s Balance Sheet after the Crisis: A Comprehensive Perspective

followed by a panel discussion with Pat Rabbitte TD, Minister for Energy, John McHale, Stephen Kinsella, Seamus Coffey

Dinner 20.00