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Slim chance for a second Digicel IPO

Denis-OBrien-Enda-Kenny-701x410Mention “pulled IPO” to irish finance professionals, professors or journalists of a certain age and Guinness Peat Aviation comes to mind. GPA tried, but failed, to float, in 1991. Amongst those who lost money were, famously, Garret Fitzgerald (who had a chunk of his debts forgiven).  It subsequently went belly up, but in fairness out of its experience and assets were born many other, ultimately successful aviation leasing companies. And now we have Digicel – what will its afterlife be? 
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Denis O’Brien – A Satire

CLviRg5W8AItnjMToday, billionaire business man, newspaper mogul and telecoms operator, Denis O’Brien, declined to sue someone. Speaking from somewhere sunny, Mr O’Brien commented on the recent Waterford Whispers satire on his being jailed

“Look, yeah, its close to the bone, but d’yknow, sure isnt satire part of our Irish heritage. I had a bit of a wince, effed and blinded them, but then went for a walk and said the hell with it, its a feckin satirical paper, and I dont want to seem like a bully squashing all and everyone who says boo about me, not that I really give a shite, to be honest, just, well..So, let them off”

Asked about the recent suggestion he would sue the Dail Committee on Procedures and Priviliges, he commented

“that shower….anyhow, look, she said what she said, turns out theres no way to stop it, and they make up their own rules. I think thats bad form, but theres nothing I can do about it, and I have better things to do than fund pointless legal challenges”

The above is of course satire.

He’s at it again

Denis-OBrien-774596So, Denis v The Parliament of Ireland rolls on. It not being a bank holiday in Malta, where Mr O’Brien is not a tax exile, a new day a new writ. This time its to take the Dail Committee on Procedures and Privileges to court to …well, who knows.  This results of course from the same CPP ruling that there was no breach of procedure or privilege in Catherine Murphy TD reading into the record allegations on REDACTED. Err…hang on.

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The Silence of the Media Lambs

Newspapers defy courts when they think it is right and proper journalism to do so. Clearly, in Ireland today, mere trifles such as democracy and the right of parliamentarians to speak truth to power, those are not worth it.  Our media have, shamefully, elected selfcensorship.

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