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What if Ireland Defaults?

Well, if you want to know the answer to that question you will have to buy my new book, which contains a bunch of essays.

Contributors include:

  • Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz
  • Constantin Gurdgiev, Megan Greene, Seamus Coffey and  Stephen Kinsella
  • Peter Mathews TD
  • Senator Sean Barrett
  • businessman and political activist Declan Ganley
  • politics lecturer and journalist Elaine Byrne
  • Sam Roberts, urban affairs correspondent for the New York Times
  • Huginn Thorsteinsson, philosopher and adviser to the Icelandic Minister of Economic Affairs and the Icelandic Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
  • John Walsh, editor of Business & Finance
  • Peter Brown, director of the Irish Institute of Financial Trading
  • Karl Deeter, director of Irish Mortgage Brokers

Aimed at the general reader and published by Orpen Press it is available from all good bookstores and from Amazon.  An ebook/kindle version should be available by 6/April/12