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Plus ca change…

The month of january is named so after Janus, the roman god, who looked both ways at once. In ireland we need a numan that refers to speaking both sides of ones mouth st once. This would be useful for comparing our main centre right parties. As the saying goes, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose..
Earlier this week I posted that no, we actually did pay the wretched promissory notes on Anglo in 2012.
Since then there has been an interesting reaction from FG supporters mainly, via email tweetefier and on other social media, asserting that no, we didn’t. It’s blackwhite, the ability to swallow and respout any statement the party gives no matter how absurd.
This denial of a reality is scarily reminiscent of the denial of and reaction to those who suggested that, in 2009, Ireland was headed for the precipice.
This shows two things, first, political operatives, of all stripes, especially the grassroots, have an infinite capacity for self delusion and tribal loyalty. second, Orwell was right…