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NAMA makes measly €12m pre-tax profit in 2011

phew… 12m eh. As close to zero given the size of the company as makes no difference…

NAMA Wine Lake


[The annual report is now available here]

NAMA is publishing its 2011 Annual Report today. The profit and loss account and balance sheet shouldn’t be much changed from the unaudited 2011 accounts published at the start of May 2012.

But they are.

The impairment provision for 2011 has increased by a staggering €467m from €800m to €1,267m. NAMA has decided that it can book a “tax credit” of €235m, something not apparently contemplated when the unaudited accounts were published, and NAMA seems to have “found” profit elsewhere of €185m. We wait for the publication of the report to look for further clues.

Overall NAMA is declaring an audited profit before the tax credit of €12m, and after tax of €247m. That compares with €200m in the unaudited accounts for both headings. Given that it is the State that is on the hook for the tax credit, you might…

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