Call for Papers : COVID19 and the nonlinear dynamics of financial markets – Special Issue of Finance Research Letters

UPDATE: We have confirmation that papers published in this Special Issue will be free to access for at least 6 months, as part of Elsevier’s response to COVID.

The financial market’s response to COVID19 has demonstrated very pronounced nonlinear behaviour, phase transitions and sharp changes. Traditional finance models and approaches typically struggle to model such phenomena, despite there being a welter of statistical, epidemiological and mathematical models that suit these phenomena. In this context, the editors of Finance Research Letters invite short focused papers that apply such models to the financial market reactions to COVID19. 

Note that papers submitted for this SI will have submission fees waived. Submit here from 30 March, selecting the article type COVID19 , , before 21/June 2020

We are especially interested in papers that explore the issues below in the context of the pandemic

  • applications of catastrophe theory 
  • nonlinear dynamics of the response 
  • applications of dynamic systems 
  • modelling phase transitions
  • models of self organizing criticality 
  • non-perturbative models of fat tails
  • Fractal models of crashes and contagion
  • Nonlinear spatial econometrics 

Please however feel free to contact the special issue editors   blucey at tcd dot ie or maurice dot peat at sydney. edu dot au should you wish to run an idea past us. Please note that papers will have to adhere to the journal space and style requirements. 

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands!

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