Brian M. Lucey

Call for Papers : COVID-19 and the Real-Financial Economy link : A special issue in International Review of Economics and Finance


UPDATE: We have confirmation that papers published in this Special Issue will be free to access for at least 6 months, as part of Elsevier’s response to COVID.

COVID19 has thrown a very stark harsh light on the globally interconnected economy.  When this crisis passes there will be an opportunity for reflection on the financial and economic interconnectedness we have grown, its strengths and weaknesses. Economic and Finance academics can and should address this, from a basis of evidence and analysis, hence this call for papers. 
This special issue of International Review of Economics and Finance seeks papers that address this challenge, in particular the following issues, but please also contact us as Editors-in-Chief if you have another paper or idea and wish to check its suitability. Note that papers submitted for this SI will have submission fees waived. Submit here , from 29 March, selecting the article type COVID19: , before 21/June 2020

We are especially interested in papers that explore

Please however feel free to contact us at blucey at tcd dot ie or chen at udayton dot edu should you wish to run an idea past us . Please note: in line with the aims and objectives of the journal all papers should explicitly take an international perspective

Brian Lucey and Carl Chen, Editors in Chief, International Review of Economics and Finance