Call for Papers : Covid-19 and International Finance: a Special Issue of International Review of Financial Analysis

UPDATE: We have confirmation that papers published in this Special Issue will be free to access for at least 6 months, as part of Elsevier’s response to COVID.

While we all grapple with the immediate crisis caused by the Covid-19 panic, at some stage the world will emerge from this. That new world will require a functioning, albeit perhaps different, international economic and financial system. As finance academics we can aid in this, analysing what went wrong, what right, what we need to build up and what to sideline in finance, post pandemic.

This special issue of International Review of Financial Analysis seeks papers that address this challenge, in particular the following issues, but please also contact me as Editor-in-Chief if you have another paper or idea and wish to check its suitability. Note that papers submitted for this SI will have submission fees waived. Submit here , selecting the article type COVID19 , , before 21/June 2020

We are especially interested in papers that explore

  • The performance, interlinkages and spillovers of financial and financialised assets during the pandemic
  • The role, or lack of same, of safe havens, hedges and other assets in the pandemic
  • The spatial dimensions and financial geography of banking and finance in a pandemic
  • Alternative investments and new financial assets in the pandemic
  • Emergent paradigms towards new forms of insurance, portfolio protection and downside risk protection
  • Where might corporate financing evolve post pandemic?
  • Financial market incentives, financialisation and medicine.
  • Financing along the supply chain – strengths and weaknesses and its future
  • Financial lessons from history for the post pandemic world

Please however feel free to contact me at blucey at tcd dot ie should you wish to run an idea past me . Please note: in line with the aims and objecives of the journal all papers should explicitly take an international perspective.

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