Note this, Students

I read with interest the post by the ever-excellent Eugene O’Loughlin on student note taking.  He notes, pun intended a reluctance and resistance from students to taking notes, relying instead on the handed out powerpoints he creates.

I agree, this is a common experience. So, last year, I made a decision which I thought radical and which would cause ructions. For my first year intro to business stats and my third year applied corporate finance modules, (110, 80 students respectively) I stopped handouts. I supplied my “as delivered” slides and handouts (usually the day) after the classes and requested and required the students to take handwritten notes.  I thought prior that this would cause a revolt, but there was not one word of complaint on this issue. I stopped students taking photos of slides, videoing the lecture, tapping away on the keyboard. Back to pen and paper.

So, we can, if we wish, ditch the handouts, and make the students take note. It might even be good for them!


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