More on Funding Universities

A few weeks ago I blogged on the % of state funding given to UCD and TCD. I have now updated it, below the fold. TL: DR – the state is no longer the largest funder,  and isn’t providing even half the funds.  I think the pictures speak for themselves

3 thoughts on “More on Funding Universities

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  2. Tim

    I wonder who the ‘other’ is, and what is actually happening underneath all this.
    There has been a large accumulation of debt in out university system (mainly EIB money), and this is off-balance sheet lending- so the Government, HEA and universities are interested in making the system look like it is mainly externally funded (á la Irish Water). Perhaps it is that our universities have fractured in two- and they have a state funded undergraduate system that relates distantly to their research centers- it looks like the research centres generate the ‘other’; and so this masks these two headed institutions.
    Even if the universities are fiscally independent- they are dependent on our society and thus should be appropriately regulated. Look to the UK to see the logic of self-funded universities having total freedom of mission; they shirk their responsibility to develop the human capacity of their hinterland. My favourite example is Bangor with a world-class centre for banking and finance (about 30 profs.) of no use to the world-class post-industrial poverty of north Wales.


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