Harden this border so…

Much talk this day on a hard, wet, soft, chewy…ok not that one… border.

Tell me, harden this border will you, for me? Tell me where the border will be placed… The border is so twisty turny topsy turvey…

This is a tiny part of the border, in Louth. It cuts through motorways (zig zagging) and houses and farms and barns….

So, wheres the hard border going to be?



Here are some more fun and games.



5 thoughts on “Harden this border so…

  1. James

    To a small extent your pictures are not quite true because the overlay put down by Google Maps isn’t as accurate as it should be. But the point does hold.

    The example that shows the Finn River is the worst of the lot, because what it doesn’t show is the ~5 square mile area of County Monaghan north of that short stretch of river. Nor does it shown that there are four border crossings in six miles on the major road west from Clones!

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