I should sue

Another day another story of a minor injury gaining major cash. I’m sure the judge acted in the absolutely correct manner. Like the judge who gave a pile of cash for banging a knee. Or missing a step. Or slipping on a mountain. Or for a claim of injury when even the judge says the evidence is “false and misleading” .  Or getting a cut finger. Who am I , a mere mortal, lay, non judicial personage, to question the might and right of the courts? 

A few weeks ago I slipped. I got off the train, walked on and outside a local establishment slipped on gravel and grit. Jazuz in a Tesla was it sore. I went over completely on the ankle. The pain was so bad I genuinely feared I’d broken it.

Rather than hobble home, once the nice young couple from Romania had helped me up and helped collect my bag (thanks  Cristian and Daniella) I phoned home, knowing Mrs Prof was there.

Home, ice, compression, elevation, neurofen. Following day a tiny bit better, the next day a physiotherapist as no real improvement and the pain continued. Bloody sore.

Two weeks later it’s still strapped, still sore, still limiting my actions. The physiotherapist said it was quite a nasty sprain but after a few weeks more it should move on. Three visits, and a few more to go. But, its improving .

This grit and gravel came from a building works at this local establishment. It wasn’t swept up and clearly was a hazard. I should sue. Just like I should have when I found a hair in a sausage, or slipped in school breaking two teeth . Apparently a sprain can be worth up to 40k.

I didn’t and wouldn’t. I really do struggle to understand the mentality of those who when they suffer a minor setback seek to rush to court. I struggle to comprehend the morality of the legal eagles, or vultures, who push them on. I struggle to know in what planet live the learned gentlemen of the bench – who are fighting tooth and nail to NOT have put in place a modern system of appointing them.