A very common statement being made now is “well, the UK is Ireland’s largest trading partner therefore…” . Usually this then segues into why we should irexit/cleave to the mother ship of the UK/ act on their behalf as they walk from the EU etc.

But, is it true? the 2015 figures on services trade are the latest (that I can find) on the CSO databank. Those that think we are uniquely dependent on the UK seem to think that only the exports of things , perhaps even only those things grown on the sacred soil, are worth counting. But thoughts are saleable also and, even allowing for all sorts of shenanigans around double Irish and triple Dutch and whatnot, we sell a lot of things as well as a lot of thoughts.

Below the data from the CSO. No, the UK isnt our largest partner. Thats the planet entire , and the EU part of it. For the proponents of Irexit, and its variants, the idea that we are  a global nation seems to be a step too far.


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