Words for the alt-right

So, giddy with success, the hounds of the alt-right have caught a few cars – a Chevy Cutlass and a Leland Imp but nonetheless..

What now must we term them?

Well, alt in their  nomenclature stands for alternative. So  then we ask, to what is  it  the alternative?

Kellyanne Conway let the cat out of the bag when she presented her ontology of reality which includes “alternative facts”.  Sean Spider einforced this with a comment that the administration reserved the right to disagree with the facts. Tip O’Neill is dead, as  is satire. 

So, out of the mouth of babes we are told , and here we have it.

Instead of calling the movement the alt-right, the media could call it the Wrongs, or the Liars, for that is what they themselves see themselves as. The media won’t, because ravings bring ratings. 

Irish media, which should have a distance forged skepticism of this bullshit is falling over itself to invite onto its pages and microphones ever more wrongs, ever more liars, and let them rave and gibber without check. Ravings drive ratings.Bullshit, in a pure form, makes things grow (fascism…).