What alt-right phrases actually mean


So, in what is at best an ill-advised attempt to explain, in a humorous way, the terminology of the so called “alt- right” the Irish Times ran into a storm of criticism of gargantuan size.  No, not linking to it as clicks = $$ and lets not. It wasn’t a very good glossary, so I have taken the liberty of providing below an alternative. So, when you hear the phrases, this is what they really mean

Alt right = Neo Nazis

Cuck = Anyone who, while conservative, is capable of changing their mind.

White genocide  =  The very very large percentage of attractive women of non-white origin who wont sleep with the neonazis.

lussenpress = any news outlet that they can’t understand

fake news = things with which the neonazis disagree

SJW = impassioned, liberal (usually a) woman to whom they are secretly attracted

snowflake = anyone who, unlike them, expresses senisitve feelings (which they have repressed and which repression causes serious cognitive dissonance)

alpha male = a bully

beta male = them

dark enlightenment = a neonazi who once read a readers digest version of Nietzsche or Spengler   

libtard = a liberal (not that they are, y’know, IL-liberal) who is arguing a point they can’t answer.

masculinist   = wifebeater

post truth = lies

virtue signalling  = expressing concern for something publicly