A 2017 Competition for Brexiteers

So, in the spirit of a new year and a new challenge, let me lay one before the Brexiteers. 

900px-supranational_european_bodies-en-svgNorthern Ireland will, at least in the foreseeable future, remain part of the UK. Said UK is heading off into the Brexit, and thus NI also. All parties have stated the need for a post Brexit settlement to not result in the reintroduction of a “hard border” tween Northern Ireland and Ireland.  All indications are that the UK will leave not just the EEA but also the Customs Union. So….

However, with the UK out of and Ireland in the EU Customs union, it seems to my mind at least that there is really no easy way to avoid some form of hard border – some form of customs and border checks no matter how streamlined and how benign. Despite much asking no Brexiteer can tell me how the UK can be outside the CU and  avoid said hard border. Maybe they know but wont tell, or maybe they havent a clue.

So the challenge – by 1700 6 Jan 2017 please tell me how this can be done, legally and practically. How can we remain having a soft border, with no customs or border posts, no checks (beyond the roving ones that all frontiers have), a seamless movement of goods and services and people within the island. No wishful thinking, work within the structures herepresent.  Max of 500 words, all submissions not demonstrably libellous or insane will be published, the winner to be determined by an external party (Dr Stephen Kinsella) . Email me : brianmlucey at gmail.com, with the subject : No Hard Border. The winner, if any, will get the satisfaction of knowing that €100 of my hard earned cash will go to a charity of Dr Kinsella’s choice. Any queries, post here and I will clarify.

Time to put my money where your mouth is Brexiteers. And HNY17 !