Res Publica?

So, to show that the spirit of Ebeneezer Scrooge is still amongst us, consider this. 

  • A large part of the housing crisis is , it is generally accepted, down to supply issues.
  • A large part of that is down to the effective withdrawal of the state over the last 15y from direct housing building.
  • Mazars, a professional services company, conducted a review of homelessness services , just last year. So they presumably know the issues well. Mazars have a values statement which states “Mazars’ vision is to make a difference to our clients, our teams and our communities by providing high-calibre audit, accountancy, tax and advisory services in a personal, principled and professional way.
  •  NAMA exists because of the property crash, a crash of speculative house and commercial properties. Apollo House is in the hands of NAMA, by which we mean the loans secured on and from it are. So, the state , society, has a lien on it.
  • Apollo house, which has lain idle and unused for 6y, has been occupied for the last few days by homeless activists who have converted some of the empty, idle, floorspace into emergency shelter.
  • Dublin has a massive homeless problem and hundreds of rough sleepers. Its winter, its miserable. Apollo House, the idle, unused, building, is being used (illegally) to prevent them from sleeping out in the freezing rain.
  • Mazars, acting for the state (but assuredly not for the citizens..) are the receivers for the company whos asset is Apollo  House. To show their willingness to make a difference to the community, and to act in a principled way, they have gone to court to evict, into the freezing rain, the same homeless whose situation they examined last year.  The court of course will give them a hearing and if they are to follow the strict letter of the law will give an injunction to the occupiers to vacate. Into the freezing rain.  In Christmas week. You couldnt make it up.